Winning the 12th Cyprus Business Woman of the Year Award, Corporate Category, on April 28th, 2018 for the WICZ | Women in Conflict Zones Initiative was truly an amazing moment! Any person who strives for the best results can understand and relate to my feelings of excitement, gratefulness, appreciation and honour.

Being honest, the journey towards the WICZ project accomplishment and subsequently towards this award was not easy; in fact it was very long. Right from the moment when the idea was conceived to the outline of the project which was initiated later on and until today, a lot of work has been done. Transforming the idea to the real output required a good deal of efforts and various challenges came in the way.

Winning this honour wouldn’t have been possible without my friend’s and family’s moral support and inspiration along with some incredible people I met through this process; they are truly my backbone.

Special thanks to Mrs Janice Ruffle Kavalares, the founder of these awards and congratulations to Dr Zoe Nicolaou who won the main prize in Business Category. Great appreciation also to the elected judge Mr Lefteris Adilinis, Editor At Large, Phileleftheros Newspaper who said:

I was captivated by Anna Prodromou’s personality. I was impressed by her clear thinking and will to realise her objectives. I particularly liked the way she described her plan to develop the Women in Conflict Zones initiative into an organisation providing practical support to women and promoting social justice. Anna is a hard working person who wants to excel in all the different things she’s doing. I agree with her assessment that interpersonal skills are one of her greatest strengths. During our meeting, she has definitely managed to communicate her views with clarity and precision. She gave me the impression of an assertive person who keeps her feet firmly on the ground and can motivate others.”

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