Possible Solution for Cyprus ?


Working with ZDF German Television on a story about the Cyprus problem. Is it really coming to an end? Reactions, expectations, possibilities.

  • A first glance at Home for Cooperation and a very warm welcome from everybody.

  • Interview with Erbay Akansoy

  • Interview with Kemal Baykalli, Deputy Secretary General-External Affairs at Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce

  • Interview with Leonidas Paschalides, Director of Development at the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Interview with Memduh Erişmen, Management Consultant at Lipa Consultancy

  • Interview with Yiangi Yiangou a psychology and sociology graduate doing an internship in a turkish-cypriot firm

  • Interview with Larkos Larkou; composer, musician, teacher

  • Interview with Hadice Ardost; musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist

  • Filming in Potamia Village; one of the few remaining ethnically mixed communities in Cyprus

1st report airedhttp://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek#/beitrag/video/2649562/Annäherung-auf-Zypern





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